Welcome to the Israeli Burners group!

You are welcome to share, go crazy, ask and get answers from Burners in this group. This forum allows us to speak freely within the community. The group will not provide official answers regarding Midburn, nor does it represent the Midburn Org. in any way. All the answers here are by members of the community, according to their thoughts and beliefs.

You can share almost anything excluding the following

Real Estate and job offers/searches-please post in Burning Business http://tinyurl.com/ljg2sdn

Events that can be posted

Free, or directly related to Midburn

Midburn related events-no more than one post per week

Events that are not related to Midburn will be posted only once

Paid/hat/“recommended donation” events are not allowed and posts as such will be deleted without warning

Please do not post about events that are free yet commercial (i.e. a free concert sponsored by a cell phone company)

Please do not try to sell us anything, advertise, or invite us to “like” your fan page, whether it’s your business page or you’re just self indulging

Please refrain from posting about political issues – i.e. invitations to protests, or anything with ideological controversies

The Ten Principles

We follow the ten principles which you can find here: http://tinyurl.com/10ekronot
If you want to know what's happening and get official answers, you are welcome to join the Midburn page:

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